November 2012

Black Friday at the mall

Why do I do this to myself every year?

Oh, you all know what Black Friday entails. A bit of (OK, a lot of) pre-planning is required because you need to know which places have the items you want. Especially the items you decided to wait until the last minute to buy for Christmas. Then you have to plan which hours, merchandise and crowds are expected. Then the travel time and the method.

My bike and bus riding daze

A former bus rider looks back.

I avoid downtown Minneapolis like the plague these days, but once upon a time it was a place I frequented.   In fact, I had to be downtown if I wanted to go out and about, because practically all bus routes in the western Twin City metro radiate in and out of there, including those I rode from my part of town out in the western suburbs.   If I wanted to take Metro Transit across town, or venture into the southern suburbs, I was going to be downtown whether I wanted to or not.