September 2012

Stylish bus transportation

Way better than boring billboards.

I just can’t get enough of buses turned art exhibits. I mean buses on their own are boring things; they are generally metal tubes with seats shoved into them. They hold you and take you to various other places. You can look at one, from school buses to public transportation buses to cross country buses, and pretty much get the gist of what a bus is.

But when a creative artist and a bus collides, you end up with the most creative use of a metal mobile tube ever. I mean who could ignore a bus appearing to be wrapped around tightly by a giant snake? Well other than people who fear snakes but still? The fact that an artist can get the effect of a snake closely hugging and constricting around a bus is rather cool.

The bus with no bathroom

Careful before you open that beer!

As a teenage screw-up, I thought that drinking with my friends on a long distance Greyhound ride was the funniest thing ever and a great way to pass the time. Years later having a few beers (although in a much more low-key way) on a long distance bus also seemed like a good idea in South Korea, a country that has a very lax attitude toward public drunkenness.

Who wouldn't want to ride the bus after watching this commercial?

Riding the bus: an enjoyable experience?

Now I’m no stranger to a bus. They tend to be at times (earlier in the day) decently clean, well maintained and overall comfy. Sometimes (later on in the day) they can be smelly, crowded and full of people that have no idea what washing or not blocking the walkway. But in general, a bus is an OK and generally not that unpleasant of a way to get around.

Once in a while I’ll see a commercial about our local bus transit, with the same five generically ethnic cast you see in every ad since the '90s looking like they all huffed a bag of helium off camera to even remotely look as gung-ho about riding a bus. A BUS, guys. But man, do the peeps overseas have us beat. These guys in this commercial aren’t just happy, they are like freaking enthusiastic about riding that bus. 

Midttrafik Commercial - "The Bus" (With English Subtitles - HD)

Buses are a pain!

It’s always all or nothing.

I truly despise having to rely solely on buses to get around.  Back when I was still living in New York, buses were something I had to use on a daily basis.  It was a major pain.  The buses never seem to be there when I needed it most.  I was constantly waiting for a very lengthy amount of time in order to even get on the bus.

You hate the bus? Why not just use the train…like a hobo?

Free train rides without all that extra seats and toilets.

No really, hear me out. I mean buses can be a painful experience, what with the sitting in a metal tube with assorted strangers that may or may not have the wherewithal to: 

  • Board the bus sober
  • Keep their kids restrained
  • Keep their inside voices down
  • Don’t eat and leave a mess everywhere
  • To not board without bathing first (evening and people returning home from work I give a pass, but common morning commuters, you are just getting up for work: no excuse!)