May 2012

Weird bus shelters

Last week, I mentioned the oddness, uncleanliness, and at times, just plain unmaintained nature of bus shelters. I mean they, in theory, should be a small, three-wall box where you are protected from the elements. I get so mad at their failure to stay well, clean. Being clean and or useable beyond the 'shelter' part is outside of their jurisdiction. 

But for all the horrid, decrepit shelters I've seen, I see that the rest of the world clearly maintains their shelters. In fact they don't just keep them clean, they actually do rather cool things with them. Some shelters are used as an art display. Some of them display new (or resurgent) technology like grass roofs. Some are now used as colorful and interesting promotional tools for various businesses.

The bus schedule of doom

Yes, the schedule. I have an issue with it.

See, back in the day, we used to have these printed horrors that listed all the bus routes for a city. It was a small guide book that had all the routes mapped out and color coded. The thing was, the routes were crammed so close on the paper that you couldn't really tell them apart. Also since the buses never ran on time, the routes sucked. The transfer system was also confusing. 

Bus Shelters

Yes, bus shelters. As a bus rider, I've encountered my fair share of them. I mean some stops don't even have them. So finding out especially on a blisteringly hot day, or a rain filled one should be a God-send, right? Wrong. Nope, these little shelters tend to be rather random in condition, how much coverage they provide and how gross they are.

In the better areas of town, they tend to be well maintained and look maybe a few years old. But in other places – I'd rather stand and not risk getting tetanus from some of the older ones. Some, you just wonder if the city simply forgot about them.

Stupid advertising

As I wait around for the first bus in my daily commute, I look around my surroundings. OK level of care taken to my bus shelter. IE, it isn't covered in copious amounts of graffiti, gum or trash. People, despite the stereotype, actually aren't terrible to hang around with. Most, like me, simply want to go to point A to point B.

Aside from the random drunk, lost person or loud talker, the commute so far isn't terrible. And then I look at the bus itself. See, where I live most buses are rather plain. Maybe they will have a boring ad here or there. But I've noticed a trend especially on the MAX buses – full bus ads. No, not a normal looking marquee but a full-on ad covering the entire bus.