February 2012

Bored with your driving route? Treat driving like a video game!

Hey, sometimes that bus route gets boring. Driving along the same streets, pathways and areas day after day, the only variation in your day being the people, times and weather must get rather stifling. And adding to this boredom is the fact that you have to drive at a set speed too. No ‘Speed 1 or 2’ movie maneuvers here.  Just slow and steady with the traffic. Speeding is for the buses that drive along the interstate from city to city like the local MAX buses.

Add in a few (read: insanely many) bus stops and your need for speed is throttled.

But, one driver went ‘Nea. No more will I deal with the boring tedium of my station. Nary a minute passes where I am not bored; as I am paid to drive in continuous circles all day I shall, as is mu right, to be entertained!’  And so said driver did.

World’s Worst Bus Driver

This was the title of the video I saw today. And because of said title I felt urged to watch it. Now why exactly is this driver bad? I wasn’t sure at first. Going into this 4 minute clip it looked like a regular tourist trip overseas. The driver was trying to get around a tight turn. But around minute 1 the bus gets stuck. Further in the bus tilts scaring the bejesus out of many of the riders.

They are teetering dangerously close to the edge of a steep cliff. A passenger freaks out. She is asking to get off, yet the interpreter? Tourist group leader? (We are not told who he is to the main group) for the driver says no.  He tries to keep the party calm saying they’ll stop so all can calm down.

Pics of Failure

Okay. Maybe, just maaaaybe I’ve been a bit hard on you bus riders. Maybe you simply have had a hard day. Maybe the driver was oodles late. Maybe they passed by your stop without even so much as stopping to say ‘go walk’. Maybe you simply were cooped together with the worst bunch of passengers ever.
Well…at least you aren’t with these guys:
Holy crap what...how?

Desert Bus

The games I find about busses…they just seem so super serious and determined to prove that bus driving is:

a.       Easy to learn

b.      Filled with polite people

c.       Not stressful

d.      Done in the cleanest cites ever

e.      With clear bus routes

f.        Not boring

Well, all of these games over idealize the act of driving as this super cheerful profession.  I was looking around for other video games at the time and landed on an article for unreleased games. This game was on the list. The cover of said game present two comedians named Penn and Teller and a game called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. This game was a mini game in said game. Now growing up in the 80s-90s I recall these guys well. They had a sarcastic humor about them and did magic tricks – why a bus driving game?