January 2012

Thanks Random Kids from the Public High School

I know I know. School, that boring place where you learn the bare minimum to pass arbitrary tests let you out. Yay freedom. See, in my neck of the woods, school buses (probably as a cost cutting measure) do not do stops for High Schoolers. Makes sense in a way. Most kids are reaching legal age, and a chunk of students at 16+ years old quietly gain a clunker of a car to ride around in.

Some carpool or walk to school. High School is also where the weaklings are weeded out so the population going to said high school is thinner and thinner. So in a way it made sense to not waste the gas of the public school buses – public transit buses expend gas but go in a set route day in and day out.

Driving Sims =/= Reality.

I TOLD myself I'd stop looking for these...
But the driving sims they just keep appearing! This one was a game this guy should have refreshed on:
See in driving sims bus drivers don't get flustered, their patrons are awesome, the bus is clean and traffic moves out of the way. They can arrive at their stops and be unimpeded by rowdy citizens. But in a day of this bus driver – the games woefully do not reflect reality.
Seems in this clip, the driver had to deal with freeloaders AND bad parking jobs:



Even More Bus Sims

Even more games for those of you that just can’t get enough of playing bus driver.
Hey, remember that article I wrote mentioning a game simulating the fun that is bus driving? Well wait! There’s more. So, future bus drivers and very patient persons, you can’t get enough of riding around and pretending to care about passengers complaining about their missing ticket, late schedules and the general distaste of humans not cooperating inside a metal tube rolling down the street?
Well then try these gems.

A Sim Game ...About Buses.

We all here on 'I Hate the Bus' clearly find that that daily commute can be a treacherous one. Between crazy passengers, apathetic drivers, not so clean buses, but more than likely a creepy assortment of people you'd rather not be near due to their inherent drunkenness, creepiness, illness/unsanitary-ness or lack of 'how not to behave near others', a bus trip can be a rather irritating thing indeed.


But I landed upon something that's both sad yet interesting from Youtube. Simulated bus driving. Possibly a spin off of those boring train sim games in Japan, there is a running sim where you are now the driver picking up said people over the course of a set route.


You simply drive around a rather accurate bus with complicated terminal included driving around and picking up various citizens around town to set stops. You can look out and see the area you drive in, your doors open and close, and the various people that board your bus.


Thing is as exciting (read: extremely boring) this seems, where are the cranky weary people tilting their heads at their watches? The elderly where you're are sure should not be on said bus unescorted but are anyway? The loud and annoying teenagers? That person who screams loudly into their small phone making sure everyone else knows what they are talking about whether they want to or not? The random drunk guy?