November 2011

One Word: Germs

Some days, there's just not enough Purell in the world


I have never been as sick as often as during the years that I worked in downtown Seattle and took the bus to work. For a solid five years, I was sick at least once every three months. And I blame the bus.
I lived in Queen Anne, and later in West Seattle, so these weren't very long commutes by any means. But the long-range commuter buses, although you would think they would be more germy, tended to be filled with… well, commuters. From the suburbs. Where I guess it's more likely that people will be willing to stifle a sneeze or use a Kleenex.

People Hate Me on the Bus

Is there some sort of bus club that I am unaware of? Do people who don't regularly take the bus have a certain look about them that daily riders are immediately privy to? I have a car and a bike so my transportation is usually spoken for. This means a few things:

  1. I do not have a bus pass that allows me immediate and hassle free boarding.

  2. I am not immediately aware of how the bike loading contraption on the front of the bus works, though I will eventually figure it out.

  3. When I do take the bus, it is usually because I am going to the airport and therefore have an obnoxious amount of stuff with me.

These three things are a general equation for other more seasoned riders to become quickly irritated with me.