September 2011

Dear hippie who just got on the bus


Dear Hippie Who Just Got On The Bus and Sat Down Next To Me,

It may come as a surprise to you, but not all people share your "live and let live" attitude concerning, among other things, hygiene, personal space and recreational chemical preference. I understand that you have your lifestyle and I have mine, and that they need not influence one another or even interact on the most basic level. There's certainly plenty of room in this world for the both of us but, as the co-mingling of our sweat on this unseasonably hot day can attest, the same cannot be said for this bus.

Think You Have Road Rage Now? Try Driving in Europe

In Europe, pedestrians, trams, and traffic signals are all purposely hostile toward individual car drivers. In an effort to curb car usage and encourage people to walk or take public transportation, Europeans allow trams and walkers right-of-way all day, and that’s not all. Some streets are even closed to traffic by cars; others are dwindled by bike lanes or walker areas. There are even certain zones where cars that only meet specific environmental standards may pass!