Who wouldn't want to ride the bus after watching this commercial?

Who wouldn't want to ride the bus after watching this commercial?

Riding the bus: an enjoyable experience?

Now I’m no stranger to a bus. They tend to be at times (earlier in the day) decently clean, well maintained and overall comfy. Sometimes (later on in the day) they can be smelly, crowded and full of people that have no idea what washing or not blocking the walkway. But in general, a bus is an OK and generally not that unpleasant of a way to get around.

Once in a while I’ll see a commercial about our local bus transit, with the same five generically ethnic cast you see in every ad since the '90s looking like they all huffed a bag of helium off camera to even remotely look as gung-ho about riding a bus. A BUS, guys. But man, do the peeps overseas have us beat. These guys in this commercial aren’t just happy, they are like freaking enthusiastic about riding that bus. 

Midttrafik Commercial - "The Bus" (With English Subtitles - HD)

Taken straight out of a Michael Bay explosiongaza, this commercial is just a giant 'WHAT IS THIS?' for buses. The seats are pristine. The stops are awesome; the bus driver is so damn cool that people are scrambling to ride. In fact, the other bus route riders are jealous. You would be too if your driver did full on doughnuts on the street.

This video may be a tongue in cheek parody and may indeed by mocking the hell out of American blockbusters, but you can’t deny that raging urge to ride that pimp bus. I mean, that driver is just cool.