Strange buses

Strange buses

Buses in interesting designs

Buses around here are rather plain. You have the school bus that everyone (unless you are homeschooled?) rides in their formative years. You have the public buses like the transit buses that sometimes have ads on then and whatnot. Then there are tour buses and the Greyhound buses. Each type of bus is seen everywhere. But have you seen a cat bus?

Or a topsy turvy bus?

Or, a bus with half a van on top of it? Then you have been in the presence of a weirdly modified bus. Some do it out of a need for protest. Some modify them just to be artsy. Some like the bus with the half van on top for a place to live. And some do it just because they can.

School bus becomes off-grid, transformable, tiny home

The bus in the YouTube clip was modified from the inside out: a kitchen, shelving, electricity and living space, the works to allow for it to be a mobile living space. The upside is that unlike buying an RV, there is no real bill to pay other than car insurance!
Buses can become fluffy mobile animals, colorful billboards and are cheap. I mean just go to any junk yard. Toss in some cash up front and bam, you have a fun project that you can work on at your leisure. Mind you, sprucing up a bus from scratch isn’t easy. Even the couple in the mobile bus van spent years making it livable. Welding two buses on top of each other takes welding skills. And the cat bus…hmm, I don’t want to know.