Norfolk Virginia Bus Station Drunk

Norfolk Virginia Bus Station Drunk

...that face plant was simply magic.

Dear Norfolk, VA Bus Station Drunk,


Okay I know that doesn't slim down the other persons that hang out/live at said terminal. Or that it must have been hard for you to differentiate where the earth was and your feet in relation to it. It was rather hilarious how your face helped you in that, allowing itself to slam into the grimy, foot traffic covered bus floor. Yes, internally laughing at one in such a state as yourself is a bit cruel, but hear me out – that face plant was simply magic. Besides you wont feel it for a few more days at least.


(AN: Don't worry, he recovered in awesome form after taking that nap, terrifying the few children also on said bus)


Now, mind you as the MAX bus I rolled up on docked into said station before your arrival, you blended in with the 3 others that were probably also drunk and wandering around the place aimlessly. I get it. I'm betting highly you are homeless. Yes, it sucks. I had a dear friend admit to me his struggles with that.


But you my friend decided to instead of fighting the albiet broken system for 2+ years to get on your feet, to simply 'lighten' things up by rolling onto an once empty bus, 11 am at that, lit as a tree. I'm pretty sure not many unemployment places nor homeless shelters will want to deal with you, being barely able to stay awake much less stand.


You may have been having the time of your (probably) bleak life, but to the passengers you were amusing. Darkly so as the stuff of drunken mishaps. That nap you took after a few lifted you into your chair was also charming. To the bus driver you were a sad case, and more a liability. Did you know she was calling security on you? Did you know that for each minute you enjoyed the drunken warmth of that moving bus, you probably had that woman internally panicking? For all she knew you were a time bomb waiting to happen. The HRT doesn't provide much in the way of driver safety from what I've heard.


But I'm pretty sure you're just a happy go lucky sort who had a wee too many.


Thing is, as much as I want to say I thought 'that guy has it bad', I can't. Instead I thought, 'this guy decided to instead of holding onto hope to get out of his situation however bleak it was, is drinking it away. Simply drinking it away and settling for living at the bus station.' I am quite sure you hide your shame, helplessness, and justified anger behind that bottle. And maybe doing this helps you cope.


But to the passengers of that MAX bus, myself included – you were just another drunk, making one's self a deluded and broken fool. A sad, sorry, walking statement of how bad things are and how you like others gave up to sit at the end of a bottle.


Sitting silently in both uncomfortable amusement and sadness,

-That Chick Sitting Towards the Front of the Bus.