Getting sick on the bus

Getting sick on the bus

The bus with no bathroom: pt.II

Last time I wrote my story of getting stuck on a long distance that had no bathroom. It’s especially bad when you are drinking. But sometimes peeing isn’t the only thing you need a bathroom for. And once again, this is also caused by drinking. In Mexico City one morning I had one of those brutal hangovers that comes from a full day and night of heavy drinking, Mexican style, the day before, which means beers all afternoon and then a switch to booze once the sun goes down. I think it was Bacardi. This is trouble.

I was sick the next morning, and as my friend navigated through heavy freeway traffic to the bus station, buses spewed thick black smoke right down into my soul. His truck bounced over potholes and speed bumps, he weaved from lane to lane, and I turned green. Finally at the station I said goodbye, bought my ticket, and got on the bus. As always, I checked the back – no bathroom.

Minutes after sitting down I felt everything begin to spin. I ran off the bus just in time, throwing up all over the back tire. The lady standing at the bus door taking tickets wouldn’t let me back on. “Why,” I said. “You already took my ticket.”

She said it was because I was puking. “But I have to go,” I said. Finally I realized (this was all in Spanish) that she was telling me to go in the bus station to get a plastic bag. It was a relief, not to mention reasonable and as it turned out a good idea. The bag was full by the time I got off two hours later, and I can’t say I made any friends on that ride.