Buses are a pain!

Buses are a pain!

It’s always all or nothing.

I truly despise having to rely solely on buses to get around.  Back when I was still living in New York, buses were something I had to use on a daily basis.  It was a major pain.  The buses never seem to be there when I needed it most.  I was constantly waiting for a very lengthy amount of time in order to even get on the bus.

On the bus sign, it usually states how often the buses are supposed to arrive.  However, there really is no point in even looking at this information.  The buses do not actually come at the intervals that they claim.  The buses always take a lot longer to arrive than whatever the bus signs actually claim. 

Eventually, the busses will arrive.  However, they do not just come one at a time.  No, they have to all come at once.  So often, I have witnessed four different buses from the same line arriving at the bus stop at the exact same time.  Like, how did they even manage to do this?  Were they not supposed to come like fifteen minutes apart from one another?  Then how did they end up getting there at the same exact moment? 

I have my own theory about that.  I am guessing that all of the bus drivers decided to take a break together.  Then they started work again from the exact same point.  Therefore, they end up driving one right behind the other out on the road.  That would explain why at bus stops you either see multiple buses or none at all.